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QSC Hits the Road with McCartney MD Wix Wickens

QSC gear plays its part in the onstage rig of musical director Paul "Wix" Wickens.

Los Angeles, CA (June 14, 2018)—When Paul McCartney and his ace band hit the stage, they may start playing songs more than 50 years old, but you can be sure that the equipment bringing those classics to the audience is quite up to date. Case in point: Keyboardist and musical director Paul “Wix” Wickens and his keyboard tech, Howard “DJ” Howes, have been using a QSC TouchMix-30 Pro professional digital mixer and K.2 Series loudspeakers as part of Wickens’ stage rig.

“Wix requires his own set of speakers onstage just like a guitarist requires an amp,” said Howes. “He wants to hear his sound coming from the backline as opposed to the monitors or front-of-house.”

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As a result, Howes got his hands on the K.2 Series loudspeakers: “We previously had an association with another speaker company and the sound was never quite what we wanted. I mentioned the K.2 Series to Wix. As he wanted something on the bigger side onstage, we chose two K12.2s and two KSubs. Out of the box, we got instant clarity. We didn’t have to EQ them—we just let the crossovers do their work. The K.2s have a lot of presence and sit very well in a live environment.”

Wickens uses the QSC gear on-stage but also for his own gigs, noting, ““I’ve been using the QSC TouchMix and K.2s on the road for some time now and have been very happy. They immediately sound good, are easy to set up, and importantly, are roadworthy.”

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At points, Wickens has been known to use the TouchMix for recording, said Howes: “The fact that we can record multi-track audio from the TouchMix is quite useful as well. It’s only linked to Wix’s rig, but if for any reason he wants to record, I can do that at the touch of a button, then transfer it to the computer later. It also interfaces directly to a computer over USB. The TouchMix is really a wonderful piece of technology. We have to be very adaptable, and the K.2s and TouchMix have integrated very well into every environment, from intimate clubs to large arenas.”