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The Regent Theater in Los Angeles

In November 2014, music promoter Mitchell Frank, the owner of Spaceland Productions, reopened the historic Regent Theater as a premier venue in L.A.’s reemerging downtown music scene. Frank, along with Artist and Recreation, LLC, and Knitting Factory Entertainment Inc., took over the building’s lease in 2012. Over 19 months, the 1,100-capacity venue was renovated and is now hosting concerts, themed dance nights, theater performances, movie screenings, special events, parties and festivals.

The Regent’s audio upgrade includes a JBL VTX Series line array and Crown I-Tech HD Series amplifiers. The theater’s VTX complement includes six V20 boxes and four STX 828S dual-18-inch subwoofers on each side of the stage, augmented by four JBL AC26 2-way compact speakers for front fill, two PRX735 3-way full-range speakers used as side fills and an even dozen VRX915M 2-way 15-inch stage monitors. Six Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD amplifiers power the main left/right line arrays, three Crown I-Tech 12000HD amps drive the subwoofers and four 4x3500HD amps handle the stage monitors.

The Regent has a main floor that slopes to the stage and a newly built second-floor mezzanine level. “The VTX line arrays are relatively compact, but really powerful and clean,” Frank says. “We did not have to install separate speakers for the mezzanine. The I-Tech 4x3500HD is incredible. The amplifier’s built-in processing and ability to be matched to the VTX arrays and the stage monitors saved us space because the loudspeaker management technology is all in the amps.

“We’re dampening up the room just a bit and just kind of tightening it up, but it’s been pretty much ready to go,” Frank concludes. “We’ve had 10 shows already and everything sounds great.”