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Live Sound

Remarking on the Miking of Paramore

Currently rolling through Asia, Paramore has a slew of Telefunken mics in tow.

Asia (August 15, 2018)—Over the years, Paramore has made its name with pop-rock built on energetic melodies, hooks and fun, and the group can back that up with a strong live show as well. Currently the group is proving it nightly as it tours through Asia with Will Markwell, FOH engineer, in tow.

Restoring Sunset Sound’s Vintage Mics

Telefunken microphones cover the drum kit with the M82 on kick, M80-SHs on snare top and bottom, and M81-SHs on rack and floor toms. “The M80s on snare top and bottom is the best combination I have ever used,” says Markwell.

Telefunken Launches 3D Sound and Vision Project

The M82 dynamic mic is also used for the bass mic tone, which comes from a vintage Sunn 2000s bass amp and Sunn 2 x 15″. Guitarist Taylor York, meanwhile, uses three M80-SHs on Z bars to capture three distinct amp sounds.

Lead vocalist Hayley Williams had largely only used one mic throughout the band’s career, but for the current tour behind the band’s After Laughter album, she’s moved to a Telefunken M80.

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“From the first moment she sang into the Telefunken M80, she loved it,” states long time Paramore monitor engineer Travis Bing. “It’s vividly transparent to her actual voice. What she puts in, she gets out with imperative clarity, which in turn makes my life so much easier.” Hayley currently uses a Telefunken M80 with a matte black finish and gold head grill.

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