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Rhema Rocks Hawaii with LA-Rak

Hawaii-based Rhema Services has added four L-Acoustics LA-Rak amp racks to its inventory.

(l-r): Rhema Services’ John Carvalho (logistics manager), Toby Carvalho (tech) and Kenneth Plank (tech) with two of the new LA-RAKs
Waipahu, HI (June 17, 2011)—Hawaii-based Rhema Services has added four L-Acoustics LA-Rak amp racks to its inventory.

Founded in October of 1999 as a division of Nani Leo Inc., Rhema Services took delivery of its first V-Dosc and Arcs enclosures in January of 2000. Since then, the sound reinforcement company has grown its L-Acoustics roster to include 24 V-Dosc, 12 dV-Dosc, 22 Arcs, 32 subs and 45 stage wedges in addition to its new LA-Raks.

“We’ve been proud supporters of L-Acoustics since day one and chose to upgrade to the official K Standard to achieve the best-possible sound,” says Rhema Services President Pat Ku. “The LA-Raks are nice and compact, well constructed, and the interconnections are solid. They really make it much easier for our engineers to commission a system for a gig; the settings sound great right off the bat and only need some minor tweaking to accommodate each room environment.”

In the few months since acquiring its new amplified controller racks, Rhema Services has kept them busy on a steady string of corporate events for Allstate, Panda Express, Shinnyoen Lantern Floating, LPL, Citrix and VM Ware, as well as on performances by notable musical artists like Huey Lewis, Train, Chris Isaak, Hall & Oates, Jewel and Tre Songz.

“While the venues in Hawaii will not support a big L-Acoustics K1 rig because the largest arena seats only 6,500 people, our LA-Raks allow us to put a fresh sound into our V-Dosc rig and keep Rhema Services on track with the latest developments from L-Acoustics,” Ku adds.

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