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Riedel MediorNet Links Campus Productions at Banff

Venues across the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity are now connected via Riedel.

Burbank, CA (March 6, 2018)—Canada’s Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity has integrated a decentralized signal transport network of five Riedel Communications MediorNet Compact PRO 50G media distribution frames to interconnect the theaters, recital halls, recording studios and production facilities spread across its 42-acre campus.

Canada’s largest arts training institution, Banff Centre is located in the Canadian Rockies near Banff, Alberta. Prior to acquiring the MediorNet system, the Banff Centre staff had to transport and set up equipment at different venues to establish remote operations for capturing and transporting camera signals.

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Now, with a MediorNet Compact PRO unit deployed permanently in each of two control rooms and three more used as portable stageboxes at various event venues, Banff Centre can simultaneously interconnect multiple performance and recording spaces with a self-healing, redundant feed of multiplexed HD-SDI video, MADI audio, analog audio, Ethernet and intercom signals.

For a larger production in which two studios are active simultaneously and supported by both control rooms, the Banff Centre team can create fiber links between the two studio stageboxes, while the third stagebox manages the active cross-feeds between the control rooms. When inter-control-room feeds are not required, the fiber links simplify the interconnection of the two active studios.

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“The MediorNet system has allowed us to tie our campus together in one comprehensive fiber- optic production network. This robust flexibility is handy since we often have simultaneous performance and recording demands that occur throughout our campus,” said Woody MacPhail, senior producer/technical director, media and production, Banff Center.

“Also, MediorNet has allowed us to reduce our labor costs and the ongoing wear and tear on audio/video switching and monitoring equipment when it’s moved throughout the campus. Establishing remote feeds is now a much more efficient process by which we just route signals to our remote video and audio control rooms as the need arises.”

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