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Road-Worthy Gear: New Sound Reinforcement Products, December 2008

Mix magazine new sound reinforcement products column in the December 2008 issue of Mix magazine live sound products section article

Cerwin-Vega C Series Subwoofers

The C Series folded-horn subs feature performance enhancements and a new design. Folded horns differ from traditional subs, using a complex path within the speaker enclosure to create a bass horn that is effectively larger than the cabinet. Shipping now, the AB-36C, EL-36C and JE-36C feature a custom-designed Cerwin-Vega 18-inch cast-frame driver with 6.5-foot folded-horn chamber lengths in the AB-36C/EL-36C and 5-foot in the JE-36C for more bass per square inch. Integrated wheels and a new ergonomic handle allow easier transportability.

Community M12 Upgrade

Community has improved its 12-inch, two-way M12 low-profile stage monitor with rubber pocket-grip handles for effortless portability and a larger, easier-to-access connector base. The M12 is ideal for applications where low visibility is a key requirement. Features include a unique asymmetrical 40×90×70-degree coverage pattern, multilayer glass composite construction and switchable bi-amp/passive configurations. Max (peak) SPL is rated at 129 dB. Options include hardware for wall/ceiling mounting, custom ATA roadcases for two or four M12s, and a choice of low-luster black or white finishes.

JBL EON500 Series

The wildly successful — nearly 1 million sold — EON speakers from JBL just got better with the EON500 Series. The new-generation, 15-inch, two-way EON515 has 450 watts (continuous) Crown Class-D bi-amping and weighs less than 33 pounds; the 10-inch, two-way EON510 has 280 total watts and weighs only 17 pounds. Features include onboard 3-channel mixers; lightweight, high-output neodymium drivers; 100×60-degree waveguide horns; integrated M10 suspension points; and multi-angle enclosures for main or monitor use. Optional is the EON518S single 18-inch sub with 500W continuous power and pole mount.