Road-Worthy Gear: New Sound Reinforcement Products, November 2010

Mix magazine new sound reinforcement products column in the November 2010 issue of Mix magazine live sound products section article
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Yamaha iPad StageMix for M7CL Mixer
Yamaha’s StageMix (free from the Apple iTunes Store) iPad app offers remote control of the company’s M7CL mixer functions from anywhere within a wireless range. Via iPad control, engineers can set up monitor mixes from an artist’s position onstage, directly controlling mix parameters: faders, sends, EQs, mutes, buses, etc. To run StageMix, a wireless connection from the iPad to a WiFi access point and an Ethernet connection from the WiFi access point to the M7CLv3 is required.

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Soundcraft Vi/Si Compact Stagebox
Soundcraft’s four-rackspace Compact Stagebox for Vi and Si consoles offers 32 mic/line ins, eight line outs, eight AES/EBU outs and two expansion slots for Studer D21m I/O cards. The D21m I/O architecture interfaces with digital platforms such as CobraNet, Aviom A-Net16, Ethersound, ADAT and RockNet. A MADI recording interface is also available. The Compact Stagebox connects to the host console via Cat-5 or fiber-optic MADI.

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Nexo 45 N-12
The Nexo 45 N-12 is a 19.4x22.6x15.5-inch package with a 12-inch, high-excursion Neodymium woofer and a 3-inch voice coil, Neodymium high-frequency driver on a 22.5-degree wave source with 140dB peak handling. Multiple adjacent monitors can be used with stable frequency response. The unpowered design can be switched from passive to bi-amped inputs.