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SAE Online Adds Live Sound Classes

New York (October 8, 2010)--SAE Online has added two sound reinforcement courses to its curriculum, covering Live Sound Engineering and Monitor Mixing.

New York (October 8, 2010)–SAE Online has added two sound reinforcement courses to its curriculum, covering Live Sound Engineering and Monitor Mixing.

Each course lasts four weeks and covers specific aspects of creating sound in a live environment, enabling students to pinpoint exactly where they would like their skills augmenting.

The courses—Live Sound Engineering 101: Front of House Mixing, and Live Sound Engineering 102: Monitor Mixing—each last four weeks, covering specific aspects of creating sound in a live environment. Enrollment for the courses begins October 11.

The course descriptions read:

Live Sound Engineering 101: Front of House Mixing
A great live sound engineer is often seen as another member of the band. Their skills and talent can make a great band sound great in every possible environment into which they’re thrown. The knowledge to confidently set up a live sound system correctly and run the Front of House (FOH) mix during a show is something everyone with an interest in sound engineering should have. This 4-week course gives you just that.

This course will focus on the role of the FOH Mix Engineer and includes a thorough review of techniques and equipment used in FOH mixing. It takes you from start to finish and covers all of the key topics you need to get a better sound in a live show environment, including PA tuning, gain structure, mixing, dynamics and EQ.

Live Sound Engineering 102: Monitor Mixing
This class is ideal for young sound engineers with a small amount of experience who want to learn the skills needed for a position as a Monitor Mix Engineer (MME) with a larger production company, or for those who want to raise their skill level where they work already.

Students will learn how to read and generate documents and how to interpret line drawings to aid in planning for deployment of large-scale productions. There are also sections on stagecraft, workflow and communication. The learning advisor gives people some of the basics that can’t really be learnt in the field. If you are a young (or not so young!) sound engineer who has learned on the job, there will be many things in this course that will help you achieve better results.

The learning advisor for the courses is Ric Wallace, who has been mixing live bands and making studio recordings for over 30 years, engineering and co-producing the Butthole Surfers’ Hairway to Steven album and recording the band’s Double Live album. He began teaching at the University of Georgia (UGA) in 1995; at the same time, he became the Production Manager and head engineer at the 40Watt club and has mixed hundreds of live sets over the years. More recently, he has done one-off gigs with artists like REM and the Athena Opera and is the Production Manager at the Georgia Theater. Wallace has also created a production arts school in Athens called the Production Institute, where the focus is on live performance production and A/V systems. He has taught Live Sound for SAE Atlanta as well as being a Learning Adviser for SAE Online.

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