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Signature Audio Expands

Signature Audio Expands to Include Signature Professional Group as profiled in Mix magazine

Senior manager Sam Walton inspects the install one last time.

Photo: Jeff Novak/J2 Concepts

Signature Audio — a full-service audio sales and technical services company — now offers artist booking, touring and production-management services with new sister company Signature Professional Group.

According to senior manager Sam Walton, “The problem currently in the market is that if you are a smaller entity looking for entertainment or production management, or a smaller artist looking for representation, management or technical services, you don’t have many options. Our goal is to fill that void and provide high-end solutions to the smaller side of the industry.”

Signature Audio will remain as the audio sales, technical services specialist and production supplier. The company was recently called in to do a sound system overhaul at University Liggett School’s (Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich.) upper-school auditorium, which included rearranging the speaker arrays that comprise two cabinets (JBL Application Engineered AM-6215 loudspeakers) acting as a small line array to cover the main auditorium seating. There are also two side-fill speakers (JBL AC-18/26s) that cover the side seats on either side of the auditorium. Special care was taken to shade the arrays and side-fill speakers to give the same tonality and SPL to each seat in the house. The company installed JBL Application Engineered AC-16 loudspeakers in the booth, powered by Crown Audio CTS Series amplification, which also power the main left and right loudspeaker arrays. System processing is handled by a dbx DriveRack PA. The system also uses Furman PL Series power conditioning and a Middle Atlantic Products rack system. The package was completed with 12 AKG WMS-450 wireless mic systems with power and antenna distribution.

But the sound company’s work didn’t end there: While working during school hours, the crew incorporated the students into the project. “The students were impressed with the treatment that they received from these high-end professionals and feeling empowered to really be included in the install,” says Dr. Philip Moss, chairperson of the venue’s Creative and Performing Arts Center. “That’s a special thing. That’s not something that you contract for or buy.”