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Sound Art Covers HOW Arena Event

Canada's Sound Art provided audio for the YC Alberta Youth Christian Group event held at the Rexall Place Arena.

Canada (January 9, 2018)—These days, religious arena events pack all the production punch of a top-shelf music tour. As a case in point, a recent YC Alberta Youth Christian Group event held at the Rexall Place Arena in Edmonton, which interspersed a number of CCM touring acts and various ministry sessions for a crowd of 10,000. Sound Art, with offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Calgary Alberta, pulled out all the stops in supporting the event.

Having recently added several Yamaha CL and QL consoles with Rio input/output boxes to its inventory, Sound Art opted to provide a CL5 for the event. “We chose the CL5 for a couple of main duties,” said Dan Frerichs, general manager, Sound Art Calgary.

“It was the main traffic console that all of the other touring consoles routed through via AES and the system drive for mixing between the large format line array at one end of the arena, fading over to a large in-the-round system for the center stage where the ministries took place.”

The CL5’s built-in Dan Dugan auto-mixing was used for the ministries portion of the event, which saw numerous Countryman mics used.

Four Yamaha Rio3224-D input/output boxes were used in conjunction with the Yamaha CL5—two at front of house for the centerstage wireless and PA outputs via AES; one at the main stage to pick up other mics and sends; and a fourth at centerstage for ministry inputs, front-fill and monitor outputs. “All of these were routed through Luminex switches running redundantly; I love the CL5 for complex jobs like this,” said Frerichs.

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