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Meyer Sound Launches Spacemap Go

Meyer’s free Spacemap Go App works with its GALAXY Network Platform to aid and simplify spatial sound design and mixing.

Meyer Sound Spacemap Go
Meyer Sound Spacemap Go

Berkeley, CA (October 28, 2020)—Meyer Sound has launched Spacemap Go, a free Apple iPad app for spatial sound design and mixing. Working in conjunction with the company’s GALAXY Network Platform, Spacemap Go can control GALAXY processors that have current firmware and Compass control software; it be controlled by a single iPad or with multiple iPads to provide a larger and more varied control surface, or to allow simultaneous control by multiple users.

Spacemap Go is compatible with various sound design and show control programs such as QLab, allowing for sound designs originally assembled using QLab to be implemented into a multi-channel spatial mix using Spacemap Go’s templates for common multi-channel configurations. The templates can be customized for a particular setup, while panning trajectories can be created and captured for playback during performance. Although spatial trajectories can be created, edited and stored using the graphical interface, the detailed matrix remains accessible for reference or direct data entry.

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Spacemap Go can be automated by DAWs such as Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro X, Avid Pro Tools, MOTU Digital Performer and Reaper. GALAXY supports the RTTrPM protocol, allowing integration with real-time tracking systems such as BlackTrax

Systems can be configured by using any combination of GALAXY 408 or GALAXY 816 using Milan AVB, AES3 or analog as inputs and outputs. Spacemap Systems can be configured for up to 32 inputs and as many outputs as are provided by the processors. Each GALAXY provides up to 232 matrix crosspoints. Multiple iPads may be used to control a system.

Spacemap Go is available as a free download in the Apple App Store.

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