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Live Sound

SSL Travels with Los Temerarios

After 40 years, the band still plays to more than 10,000 fans a night.

Mexico City, Mexico (May 15, 2019)—FOH live engineer Juan Payan has been on the road this year with Mexico’s musical mainstays, Los Temerarios, playing to 10,000-plus fans a night. Along for the ride are a pair of new SSL L100 consoles, used at FOH and monitors, for the tour.

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Payan is tackling the FOH mix, while Juan Carlos Granados is handling monitors. Payan first discovered the console through a training event with SSL’s live specialist Fernando Guzman. “It was during this event that the sound of the console immediately impressed me. I knew I needed to have one,” Payan explains. “I’ve had it out on the road with me since February, and everything has been working perfectly; no issues at all.

“I really love the preamps and I don’t need to touch the gain, because it instantly sounds amazing. The separation I can get between the instruments allows me to generate real width in my mix,” he says.

Payan is running 52 channels at FOH, and the band is a seven-piece. A big sounding band needs a big sound, he says: “The EQ is also amazing; as soon as you dial it in, you can tell it’s very reactive, and easy to tap into any frequency. Plus, I use the SSL reverbs on my drums and vocals, and I utilize the delays a lot across the console.”

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Payan concludes, “The shows have been fantastic, and it’s down to us having the best audio setup we could possibly have.”

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