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Stick Figure Drawn to Bose ShowMatch

Reggae/dub band Stick Figure, on tour for its latest album, recently rolled up to a venue with a Bose ShowMatch loudspeaker system.

New York, NY (January 13, 2020)—SoCal reggae/dub band Stick Figure has been plying its trade since 2006, and has been touring behind its new World on Fire album. Uniquely, while Stick Figure is a band, every note of the album was written, recorded and produced by Scott Woodruff, who also played every instrument and sang every vocal. With that kind of focus in mind, the pressure is on when the band plays live, not only for the group but also its longtime FOH engineer David Cardonick, who recently mixed the group live through a Bose ShowMatch system on the first night of the new tour.

Cardonick noted, “Scott’s ear is very, very finely tuned, and he knows exactly what we are aiming for in a live venue. Therefore, it’s my job to try to bring the magic of the studio records to each live space we play in.”

The Sound of ARIZONA

In terms of dealing with the unfamiliar PR, “It was the very first show of that tour,” Cardonick remembers. “We were coming straight out of rehearsals and trying lots of new things. Scott is always pushing to be at the forefront of the newest tools and approaches to the craft, so there are generally new pieces of technology and new gear in the signal chain, keeping me on my toes, especially at the beginning of a run of dates where elements to the show are being introduced.”

Cardonick recalls, “Coming into that venue, I had never mixed on a Bose ShowMatch system before. I had high regard for their L1 systems, but this was my first exposure to their larger-venue systems. It was a pleasure to mix on. Everything sounded great, and the band was very happy too. Everybody felt very comfortable with the new elements of the show, and that comfort always shines back when the audience’s response is particularly positive, like it was that night. When I see a Bose ShowMatch system again, I’ll be confident in its ability to reflect the sound we are going for.”

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