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Live Sound

TASCAM Captures Grand Performances

Long-running LA arts series captures shows with recorder.

Los Angeles, CA (September 26, 2018)—Shows at Grand Performances—the best free outdoor concert series in downtown L.A., according to Los Angeles Magazine—are captured for posterity and for the performers on a TASCAM DA-6400 64-channel digital recorder.

“One of the great things about Grand Performances is that we have a commitment to the artists, and a part of that commitment is archiving their performances here,” says technical manager Gilberto Morales. Grand Performances has delivered music, dance, theater and other performing arts for more than 30 years at the California Plaza on South Grand Avenue.

TASCAM Unveils Model 24 Digital Multitrack Recorder

“We multitrack record every show using the TASCAM DA-6400 64-channel digital recorder, and the artists get copies of the multitracks,” adds front-of-house engineer Toby Tittle. “The DA-6400’s SSD drive pulls right out of the front, so when artists request a copy, it’s easy to pull that tray out and archive the recording to a computer. You can archive a show quickly with that.”

“With the DA-6400, I’ve been able to take the SSD drive into my shop, upload the data into our server, and send the drive back out for the next weekend,” confirms Morales.

The sound system at Grand Performances relies on the Dante digital audio network protocol, and due to a Dante option card, the organization’s 1U rack-mount TASCAM DA-6400 sits on the network.

“The DA-6400 has a primary and a secondary, which is great because it gives you peace of mind,” offers Tittle.

“The great thing about being able to use Dante in a DA-6400,” explains Morales, “is that the guys are just able to hit the Record button and go back to mixing monitors, and they don’t have to worry about a laptop overheating.”

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Indeed, heat is a significant consideration on a sunny Los Angeles summer day when temperatures can reach triple digits. “We have equipment out here that occasionally will go down, especially computers,” Tittle admits. “But I’ve never seen the DA-6400 glitch.”