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HOW Sound

The Gooseneck of Notre Dame

The Church of Notre Dame in Western Pennsylvania recently obtained a DPA Microphones’ d:screet SC4098 Podium Microphone.

Hermitage, PA (February 22, 2018)—When the Church of Notre Dame in Western Pennsylvania recently replaced its existing boundary podium microphone, it had a set list of criteria. The new mic would have to be mounted to the church’s all-marble podium; be long enough to reach over the height of the podium shelf; sound neutral and pick up everyone from the quiet, non-projecting speaker to the professional.

John Durisko, parishioner and president of Satin Sound Systems Inc., brought DPA Microphones’ d:screet SC4098 Podium Microphone to the church’s attention, finding that its capsule’s uniform off-axis response met the church’s needs while DPA’s Microphone Base worked for the marble podium.

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Some custom work was still required, however. Durisko had to extend the microphones’ gooseneck in order to address the additional height requirements of the mic and likewise ensure most of the gooseneck remained rigid so that it wouldn’t move over time. The answer was to fashion a custom sleeve over the gooseneck.

“We found a supplier and fabricated a six-inch piece of stainless steel that slides right over the gooseneck,” said Durisko. “This sleeve provides the strength and support needed, allowing it to work. With a bit of the gooseneck revealed at the top, we are able to turn the mic toward the speaker. We painted the stainless and it not only looks great, but with the DPA capsule, it sounds flawless.”

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