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Tim Butler, 1953-2008

Read Mix Obituary on Chicago Recording Company engineer Tim Butler

Longtime Chicago Recording Company (CRC) engineer Tim Butler passed away on Monday, September 29. CRC offered a remembrance to Mix. An excerpt is printed here; read the entire text at “Butler was a fixture at Chicago Recording Company for nearly 30 years. His studio was host to some of the greatest radio writers and voice actors of a generation. The reason was simple: In a business where excellence and perfection are too often just clichés, Tim was one of the few who walked the walk. He didn’t just have a commitment to excellence, he also had an expectation of excellence.

“Tim’s intelligence allowed him to talk about much more than the work in front of him. Films, music, literature, technology and politics were subjects he loved to discuss. He engaged others with difficult questions and challenged them with puzzling issues, just to have an interesting debate.

“Tim’s family was his dog that he brought to work every day, as well as his co-workers at CRC. His work was his life. Inside and outside of CRC, Tim challenged everyone to do their best. And always stood up to do his.

“Those who worked with him will miss his passion, his knowledge and his insight.”