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TAG Spreads ‘Good’ Vibes for Pitbull

TAG provided audio for Pitbull throughout the 'I Feel Good' tour this past fall, using its d&b audiotechnik KSL system.


TAG provided audio for Pitbull at multiple stops on the 'I Feel Good' tour, including New Jersey's PNC Bank Arts Center.
TAG provided audio for Pitbull throughout the ‘I Feel Good’ tour this past fall, using its d&b audiotechnik KSL system.

New York, NY (January 7, 2022)—Pitbull spent much of 2021 on the road for his “I Feel Good” tour with special guest, Iggy Azalea. Technical Arts Group (TAG) of New York provided a d&b audiotechnik KSL loudspeaker system for the tour.

“We are a d&b audiotechnik house, so the decision really came between deploying GSL or KSL for the tour,” states Jimmy Ibanez, systems designer, Technical Arts Group. “Will Madera, front of house engineer, is a big fan of the KSL system and with my experience as his system engineer on past tours, I was extremely confident that KSL would fit his mixing style well. With the nature of shed tours, we were able to build a package that fit comfortably on one truck and that could deploy extremely fast. The first few weeks of the tour have really proven how versatile the system is, and Will has been able to trust the consistency of the rig day to day.”

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Madera noted, “Before the tour, I had plenty of opportunities to mix on KSL systems and have had great success, so when Jimmy joined TAG and offered the KSL rig for the tour, there wasn’t much to think about. KSL fits my style of mixing in so many ways. The lows and low-mids are extremely smooth. That’s really the glue that helped me bring out the detail in my mix on this tour.”

The main PA consisted of 12 x KSL8 over 4 x KSL12 per side, 6 x SL-GSUBs for ground per side, 8 x Y12 and 2 x Y10p used for front fill, 14 x M12 monitor wedges, 4 x V8 per side for side fills, and 18 x D80 (SL) and 14 x D80 (SR) amplifiers.

“d&b ArrayCalc and R1 remote processing were used during prep and obviously for every show during the tour,” added Ibanez. “I did some simulations ahead to confirm the design” using d&b ArrayCalc simulation software.