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Warner Grand Theatre Dials In DiGiCo Desks

Aiming to become a high-profile tour stop, San Pedro, CA’s 1,525-seat Warner Grand Theatre has installed a new sound system to take on all comers.

Warner Grand Theatre Master Electrician and FOH Engineer Victor Prudeaux at the venue’s new DiGiCo SD12 console
Warner Grand Theatre Master Electrician and FOH Engineer Victor Prudeaux at the venue’s new DiGiCo SD12 console

San Pedro, CA (August 20, 2020)—Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the classic movie palace Warner Grand Theatre was built in the 1930s and has been a treasure of the Los Angeles area ever since. Designated a City of Los Angeles Historic Cultural-Monument in 1982 and purchased by the Department of Cultural Affairs in 1996, the 1,525-seat historic film house in San Pedro, California hosts classic and art films as well as concerts and other live performances. It also houses a pair of newly installed DiGiCo audio consoles and an extensive VUE Audiotechnik loudspeaker system.

Installed last month by El Segundo, CA-based Bell Event Services (BES) under the direction of Audio/Operations Manager Tim Campbell, who served as the project manager, the system includes an SD12-96 at front of house and an SD9T for monitors, as well as an SD-Rack with Stadius 32-bit I/O mic pres on an Optocore HMA optical loop. Meanwhile, the PA is an al-8 line array system.

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“The combination of the new consoles and the new PA system means that this is a world-class destination for touring shows,” states BES president Michael Bell. Bell says the SD12, installed at the rear of the auditorium, takes up less space than the previous FOH desk. “They would be able to add more seats as a result, for increased show revenue or social distancing purposes,” he says. “And the SD9T has a really small footprint. We have it installed on the stage, but it can be easily moved around, repositioned based on whether it’s being used as the monitor mixer for a musical concert or a theatrical performance at the front-of-house position. These are the perfect consoles for this room for a number of reasons.”

Victor Prudeaux wears many hats: at the Warner Grand Theatre, he is both its front-of-house mixer as well as its master electrician, and he mixes and consults at various other venues and stages in the Los Angeles area. “With DiGiCo, I’m not tied down by a set workflow,” he says. “I don’t have to scroll through a thousand pages to get to the one I need.”

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