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Williams Sound Teams On Induction Loops

Williams Sound has partnered with Humantechnik to introduce audio induction loop systems into its U.S. product lineup.

Eden Prairie, MN (April 23, 2012)—Williams Sound has partnered with Humantechnik to introduce audio induction loop systems into its U.S. product lineup.

Humantechnik, Weil am Rhein, Germany, has developed and manufactured group and personal listening products for over 25 years in the European market.

“Williams Sound offered induction loop products many years ago, but the U.S. market gravitated towards FM and Infrared technology solutions, and hearing aids trended away from models offering telecoils that could be used with loop systems. With the resurgence of hearing aids fitted with telecoils and the joint efforts of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) and the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) to promote loop technology, we feel the U.S. marketplace is once again receptive to induction loop products,” states Paul Ingebrigtsen, President of Williams Sound. “Humantechnik is a strong partner, contributing extensive experience and expertise with induction loop system design and installation.”

Loop systems enable hearing aid wearers to pick up the signals produced by the facility sound system directly in their telecoil-equipped hearing aids, without background noise, echo, or reverberation. Receivers are available for listeners who do not have a hearing aid or who have a hearing aid without a telecoil.

“Helping People Hear” is our mission,” states Janet Beckman, VP of Marketing. “With the introduction of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the new 2010 ADA requirements, public facilities are looking for reliable solutions to accommodate the hard of hearing public. Induction loop systems provide another option for public facilities to select the technology they feel best fits their facility and meets their community needs,” adds Beckman.

“We understand the importance of advancing and growing in this industry, and this partnership allows us to expand our product offering and provide consultants and systems integrators with the highest quality selection of wireless listening solutions,” states Franck-Olivier Fabry, VP of Sales.

Williams Sound will premiere several new induction loop product offerings at this year’s Infocomm International, June 13 – 15 in Las Vegas.

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