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615 Music ‘Scoring Stage’

Randy Wachtler, president and CEO of 615 Music, announced that the company has launched a new music library entitled Scoring Stage (price TBA), which he describes as “a fierce live orchestra delivering a fresh contemporary sound.” Scoring Stage is comprised of soaring, majestic music specifically designed for use in feature films and film trailers, TV shows and promos, and videogames and gaming trailers.

615 Music’s composers wrote and recorded Scoring Stage to high quality standards with a 65-piece live orchestra. The new library will be available to clients via hard drive, digital download or on CD.

The initial collection features 50 themes and more than 250 cuts, including “Action/Adventure—Positive,” “Action/Adventure—Dark,” “Suspense/Mystery/Horror,” “Light Comedy/Quirky” and “Romance/Heartwarming.”

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