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AaroniaUSA Introduces Spectran V5 Real-Time RF Analyzers

AaroniaUSA in Atlanta, a division of Kaltman Creations, is introducing the Spectran V5 real-time RF spectrum analyzers, designed to capture even the shortest of signal transmissions. The Spectran V5 is built for applications including spectrum studies, RF and microwave measurements, interference hunting, compliance testing, and Wi-Fi and wireless network measurements.

With 20GHz scans or logs performed in less than 20ms (requires option 160), the Spectran V5 is, according to, the fastest handheld RF spectrum analyzer.

Available in four versions in a variety of frequency ranges, the V5 offers solutions for almost every application. The included RTSA PC software offers features and functions for field analysis or for benchtop laboratory work.

The USB8000 series (USB “X” version) of RF spectrum analyzers feature the same specifications as the company’s HF8000 series, but are housed in a milled aluminum case for bench or desktop use. It is designed for pre-compliance testing, R&D, exposure and limits testing (radiated & conductive), and general RF spectrum analysis.

The XFR V5 PRO is a portable real-time spectrum analyzer, designed to capture even the shortest signal transmissions. The analyzer scans 20GHz in less than 20ms making it a fast-acting counter-surveillance receiver. Plus its ruggedized outdoor laptop makes it perfect for covert field operations.

The RSA 8000 V5 standard 19-inch rack-mounted RF spectrum analyzer covers 9 kHz to 20 GHz. It features remote control via USB/Ethernet and includes real-time and logging software for Mac-OS, Linux and Windows. 

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