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ADAM Sub2100

ADAM Audio is shipping the Sub2100 ($6,000) subwoofer, an active bass reflex speaker designed to support mid-field and main monitors in substantial surround systems, and larger control rooms that require more power for extended low frequencies.

The Sub2100 combines a 21-inch paper woofer with an ICE Amp capable of delivering 1,000 watts of continuous power, housed in a bass-reflex enclosure tuned to reproduce frequencies down to 20 Hz. The system’s power and high efficiency (99 dB/W/m) enable it to produce linear SPL peaks of 128 dB without significant compression.

Its voice coil is 152 mm and completely controls the cone’s movement, reportedly enabling it to reach the highest SPL in the lowest frequencies perceivable by the human ear.

A detailed control panel includes phase, filter and level controls that allow the Sub2100 to be dialed in to the specific needs of varied control rooms.

The Sub2100’s stated frequency response is 18-150 Hz (± 3 dB). It includes stereo XLR and stereo RCA (unbalanced) inputs, and satellite stereo XLR and RCA, sub-out XLR outputs. It measures 23.6×33.5×27.7 inches (WxHxD) and weighs 187.4 pounds.

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