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Adlib Audio Makes the University Circuit

FOH position at Academy 3

Liverpool-based SR company Adlib Audio has provided complete sound systems for two leading UK venues, installing Soundcraft MH Series boards at each location.

Manchester University has refurbished the sound system for its live venue, the Hop and Grape, which is now to be known as Academy 3. Adlib Audio has equipped it with a new 40-channel Soundcraft MH4 at front of house and a 24-channel Soundcraft MH3 for monitors. The University has also opened a fourth live music venue, the Club Academy, which is located in the newly renovated cellar beneath the MU Student Union. For the 600-capacity space, Adlib Audio designed and installed a comprehensive sound reinforcement system built around the Soundcraft MH4 FOH console, which was requested by the University’s engineers, John Lyd and Tony Small. Powered entirely by Crown amplification, the system also features dbx processing and a full dbx DriveRack remote-control system.

A Soundcraft MH4 is the house desk downstairs at Club Academy

Although still a relatively new name on the UK touring circuit, Liverpool Academy 2 is fast becoming one of the busiest. A traditional 1930s theater with a capacity of more than 400 people, Academy 2 has a unique removable ceiling that reveals a balcony, used on very busy nights The SR system includes a 40-channel Soundcraft MH3 console at FOH and 24-channel MH2 console in support, specified by Adlib Audio and provided to the university on a long-term hire. All system processing is BSS and amplification is by Crown.

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