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AES Announces Platinum Panels On Studios, Producers

SonicScoop co-founders Janice Brown and David Weiss

For the 131st AES Convention, Janice Brown and David Weiss, co-founders of the SonicScoop e-newsletter, which covers New York City’s audio facilities, have developed AES Platinum Panels events focused on innovative concepts and featuring participants who have achieved both creative and popular success.

“We are fortunate to have tapped into the insights and connectivity of these accomplished chroniclers of today’s audio industry,” Convention Chair Jim Anderson says. “They are totally plugged into the creative community, and we are confident their journalistic acumen will bring an unconventional perspective to their panels. In a related announcement, legendary mastering engineer Bob Ludwig of Gateway Mastering & DVD is currently developing his popular Platinum Mastering Panel. News of that event will be announced soon.”

The panel “Creative Engineering: The Studio As An Instrument” is moderated by engineer/producer/journalist Justin Colletti and Janice Brown and includes Platinum engineer/producer panelists Dave Fridmann, Chris Shaw and Damian Taylor, who will discuss their creative recording and mixing techniques.

“The Producer’s Portfolio” is moderated by David Weiss and includes panelists Gabe Roth and David Kahne, as well as additional panelists to be announced. This panel will address the producer’s personal artistic visions.

The 131st Audio Engineering Convention will be held in New York City at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, from Thursday, October 20 through Sunday, October 23. Find out more about the 131st AES Convention.