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AES Barcelona: DK-Technologies MSD660R, PT0660M


DK-Technologies is attending this year’s AES Convention in Barcelona (Booth #3112), May 28 to May 31, 2005, with a range of new products and additions to existing products for the broadcasting, audio recording and post-production markets, including the MSD660R multichannel audio monitor and the PT0660M rackmountable multichannel audio monitor, among others.

The MSD660R remote controllable multichannel audio monitor, now shipping, incorporates a base unit that is usually housed in a machine room and a remote panel with a VGA display and control buttons, usually housed in the control room. The unit features point-to-point connection via Cat5 computer network cable/connectors; logging software for Overs and Mutes; Surround Sound compatibility at 4.0, 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1. and facilities to monitor up to 32 channels of audio. The MSD660R can be helpful in broadcasting environments where the display unit can be conveniently placed on the control desk without the need to bring all the audio cables forward.

For engineers working in smaller studios, DK offers the MSD100C stereo audio monitor. On display at AES for the first time, the new audio meter features three basic tools—PPM/VU, a Phasemeter and a Goniometer. It also offers a color VGA screen with external VGA output and it provides both analogue and digital inputs. National and International Scales are available via the free Windows software. Eleven presets are available for the unit, which features three presets with direct access in just one keystroke.

DK is also showing its rackmountable multichannel audio monitor, PT0660M. Offering from two to 32 channels of audio, this unit has a modular structure and offers HD and SDI de-embedding, AES signals, analogue signals, surround sound monitoring via the industry-standard Jelly-Fish display; a Goniometer for stereo purposes and volume control for outputs, i.e., direct control of active speakers even in 5.1, both analogue and digital.

DK’s flagship audio meter, the MSD600M++, offers a loudness measuring method that is selectable to established de facto standards applicable in film and broadcasting. The unit’s new Graphical Leq(m) software package allows users to mix to the highest score on the Leq(m) loudness standard. For all loudness measurement methods the SMPTE timecode input brings automated Start/Stop points and gives a direct readout of where the sound material can be optimised for louder trailers/commercials.

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