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AES: Real Sound Lab to Demonstrate EQ Measurement Technology

During the upcoming 123rd AES Convention, to be held at the
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, from October 5 through 8, Real
Sound Lab , the recently formed U.S. sales and marketing arm of Real
Sound Lab, will be providing hourly demonstrations of the CONEQT measurement technology, which offers automated EQ using acoustic power frequency response.

Unlike conventional SPL frequency response techniques, CONEQ enables inverse FIR filter corrections to be applied with repeatable success. CONEQ can be seen in Demo Room 3D07 and at Booth 669. At the end of each demo session, a live jazz trio will perform through a CONEQ corrected-loudspeaker system, jumping in and out of a pre-recorded track to demonstrate that a high-quality loudspeaker corrected with CONEQ is virtually indistinguishable from the sound of live instruments.

“CONEQ lets a system engineer take a true acoustic power measurement of a loudspeaker or loudspeaker array,” says Ken DeLoria, director of the pro audio division. “Unlike SPL measurements, acoustic power can best be characterized as the complex conjugate of several hundred measurement points taken around the sound emitter. If that sounds like a mouthful, just think of CONEQ as covering all the intersections of a finely spaced ‘grid’ in front of the speaker system.”

Following the measurement process, which takes about two minutes, CONEQ synthesizes a 4,096-point inverse filter that precisely corrects the loudspeaker’s frequency response to a flat target response or to a specific “personality profile” that can be anything the user requires.

CONEQ is the invention of Raimonds Skuruls, a Latvian mathematician and Real Sound Lab co-founder who, since the ’80s, has been studying acoustic power measurement and its applicability to reproduced sound. Unlike other high-resolution correction systems, CONEQ introduces a negligible latency: less than 2 ms with analog I/O.

Real Sound Lab’s CONEQ technology is also applicable to touring, A/V presentation, installed sound, music recording, film and video post-production, broadcast and cinematic exhibition. CONEQ is available as a hardware and software solution. The company is actively seeking technology licensees, distribution partners and dealers.

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