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AKG HC 577, GN ESP Series, Elle C

Compatible with all AKG wireless systems, the HC 577 features patented dual-diaphragm technology, and incorporates a CK77 omni-directional transducer. The HC 577 has undergone chemical testing to ensure resistance to an actor’s makeup and creams, as well as alcohol and sweat. Additionally, the patented body design protects the dual-diaphragm transducer for cable noise suppression.

The three-model GN ESP Series features a programmable Mute switch to cover a wide range of applications, including house of worship, conference, lectern and paging applications. All versions can be programmed to on/off, push-to-talk or push-to-mute operation.

Offering high RFI immunity, the GN 15 ESP, GN 30 ESP and GN 50 ESP featured rugged construction and self-cleaning capsule contacts, as well as an integrated LED ring to display the microphone’s status. Fully programmable, the GN ESP Series features hidden controls with jumpers inside to prevent users from unintentionally changing settings. All contacts are gold-plated to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

Finally, custom-designed for female performers, AKG’s Elle C (pictured) live performance vocal microphone (60 to 20k Hz frequency range) is optimized for the acoustic and ergonomic requirements of the female vocalist. The mic features an XLR connector module with 24-carat gold-plated pins for optimized connectivity, as well as resistance to corrosion and humidity. Additionally, the Elle C features a spring steel wire-mesh grille.

The lightweight unit is available in a high-gloss metallic or white pearlescent finish.

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