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AKG Supports Beijing Jazz

AKG sponsored the 8th Annual Beijing Jazz Festival held in Haidian Park, China, providing C5 and D5 vocal mics, MicroMic instrument microphones, and classic C414s and C 451Bs, among other models.

Thirty different acts performed during the three-day festival on its two outdoor stages. The Blue Stage was used by artists performing more “traditional” styles such as standard jazz, swing and be-bop, while the White Stage hosted more modern jazz styles including fusion, Latin and funk. Each stage relied on AKG’s C5 and D5 live performance vocal microphones, as well as the C414B-XLS that were used for the grand piano.

From the MicroMic Series, three C519Ms were used on brass instruments and four C518M MicroMics were set up for drums, while a pair of C451Bs were deployed to capture the nuances of the percussion section.

“The entire festival was a success from start to finish,” says Clifford Nathan, sound engineer for the Beijing Jazz Festival. “I was very pleased with the performance of the AKG microphones throughout the event. Outdoor venues can be tricky due to uncontrollable elements such as the weather, but the AKG mics perfectly captured the artists and their music, not the wind!”

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