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Alan Pasqua Purchases JBL EON Loudspeakers

Pianist/composer Alan Pasqua has purchased two JBL Professional EON G2 powered 15-inch loudspeakers for use as his personal stage monitors. The pair was recently used on a two-week tour through the West Coast of the United States.

Recently, Pasqua reunited with guitarist Allan Holdsworth from the New Tony Williams Lifetime and toured in support of their upcoming DVD release, Live At Yoshi’s. When recently touring in Europe, Pasqua discovered the JBL EON G2’s. “I was trying out a lot of different speakers for my keyboard monitors last summer when I was touring in Europe, and I had a good experience with a couple of JBL wedges,” Pasqua says. “However, they were a bit heavier than I wanted, so I asked JBL if they had a more suitable product and [JBL] recommended the EON G2s.”

When choosing a new stage monitor, Pasqua has a few strict priorities: clear and accurate sound, ease of use and versatility. According to Pasqua, the EON system met and exceeded these specifications. “The light weight of the EON loudspeakers is perfect; they’re extremely portable; and they can be angled in different ways on the floor,” Pasqua adds. “And the best news is, they sound great. They handle everything I dish out; there is no distortion or saturation points; and they deliver crystal-clear sound.”

Pasqua’s experience with the EON loudspeakers has been so positive, he intends to use them exclusively for his future tours. “I have a tour in Asia coming up in March 2007 and a European tour in May,” he says. “I have already changed my backline specifications to include the EON G2s.”

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