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Alcons Audio Announces LR24 Launch Partner Program

Members of Alcons Audio’s LR24 R&D team

Dutch loudspeaker manufacturer Alcons Audio announces the start of its Launch Partner Program for the company’s LR24 pro-ribbon line-array system. Designed specifically for the concert touring and large-scale installation market, and first shown at the Prolight+Sound in 2010, Alcons Audio says it has now concluded the LR24’s initial beta phase and that its R&D team has been working on achieving “hi-fi sound quality at concert sound pressure levels.”

Alcons describes the LR24 mid-sized pro-ribbon line array system as “a synergetic toolbox of line array modules; bass array module; different subwoofer principles; dedicated power and processing platform; power, signal and transport logistics; high-resolution simulation software; and factory-direct user-network support.”

Alcons Audio specializes in developing its own acoustics, midrange/high frequency transducers, amplified electronics and processing. The LR24 offers a newly developed, multiple-patented pro-ribbon transducer for the reproduction of midrange and high frequencies.

“A longtime ambition was to see how far we could take our pro-ribbon transducer technology, in terms of sheer power output,” says Philip de Haan, co-founder and head of Alcons Audio R&D. “For the LR24 we purposely built the 02-platform, [which is] even more efficient than our evolutionary 01 platform.”

The LR24 has 14-inch tall single-diaphragm pro-ribbon with 14-inch voice-coil combined with a number of patent-pending developments, with up to 90-percent lower distortion and a reportedly flat frequency response beyond 20 Hz at concert sound pressure levels.

Another crucial element is the new Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controller, which contains multiple processors, as well as four individual audiophile hi-fiamplifier stages, totaling more than 10 kW of power, directed by an integrated Linux micro-computer, under touchscreen control.

“The completely linear response, the stunning resolution and dynamic response of this system, in combination with perfect throw capacities, will change the way engineers create their mix,” says Alcons co-found Tom Back. “Even the most subtle details are now audible, becoming a relevant ingredient of the performance. Or, as we would put it: What You Mix Is What You Get.”

The LR24 is part of The Ribbon Network, Alcons’ global rental network, for dry-hire cooperation between members, joint product development, information exchange and factory-direct support. The complete LR24 system contains no less than six global patents and patent-applications.

“Unlike our peers, we don’t have an extensive user backbone in the live-sound/touring market,” Back says. “This enabled us to start with a blank piece of paper in terms of development, without any protocols or heritage to take into account. At the same time, it allows us to cater for the interest we receive from owners across all top brand systems.

“With the Launch Partner Program, we enable a select group of forward-thinking users to get access to this technology at an earlier stage; these innovators will be part of the final development stage and we’re inviting those who are interested in the program to get in touch with us.”

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