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Alcons Makes Its Way to Amsterdam

Amsterdam-based Focus Showequipment has chosen a full Alcons LR16 pro ribbon line array system, which comprises 18 LR16 modules, six LR16B line array bass and ALC42x 2kW controller amplifiers and processing.

The choice for Alcons was made on basis of a number of comparison tests and on basis of their experience with a large number of brands from Focus’ own rental inventory.

Paul Lassooij, co-owner and responsible for the rental equipment for Focus, says, “Important for a large organization as Focus is to serve the largest possible range of applications with the smallest number of different systems. With Alcons, we’ve chosen a brand that focuses on development of flexible sound solutions. By now, we have more than 100 cabinets of Alcons on the road internationally, with accompanying ALC controller amplifiers. And that built up in a one-year period.”

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