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Allen & Heath at Home

Situated on Sydney’s Darling Harbour, Australia’s leading superclub, Home, plays host to the world’s most respected DJs and has recently branched into live music. A key component of this move was a technical refit, which included the installation of a state-of-the-art audio system comprising Allen & Heath mixers and a 16-cabinet JBL line array.

“I have a passion for both live and club music, and I am very excited by the emerging genre that combines elements of both,” comments Simon Page, owner of Home. “We had very clear demands from both local and international artists to choose Allen & Heath DJ consoles, so it was an easy step for us to go with Allen & Heath for the live requirements.”

The club is on three levels, with a maximum capacity close to 2,500. There are four function rooms, outdoor balconies, numerous bars and a main dance area, which occupies the full height of the venue.

A MIDI-enabled Xone:92 mixer has been installed on the main dance floor, with a second unit in the Terrace Room. For live productions, a 48-channel 12-aux ML4000 VCA console was installed at the FOH position in the main auditorium, with a 40-channel 10-aux GL2800 mixer on monitors. A 16-channel rackmount MixWizard3 16:2 manages live performances in the Mezzanine, which is designated for smaller support bands.

“House music has moved on significantly in the past five years. It’s no longer just about some geezer rocking up with a bag full of vinyl and spinning two turntables for a couple of hours,” comments Jamie Kaye, DJ and Xone marketing manager in Australia. “Bands like Groove Armada, the Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx, the Scissor Sisters and Goldfrapp have changed the way dance music is performed and forced it to cross over into the live arena. It’s absolutely essential that as the market leaders and trend setters, international superclubs like Home move with the times.”

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