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Allen & Heath Soars in Baptist Church

Eagle Communication recently installed two Allen & Heath GL2800 live sound mixing consoles in Second Ebenezer Baptist Church in Detroit. The mixers were selected to manage a large number of inputs and multiple mixes feeding different speaker clusters and locations in the church.

“We chose the Allen & Heath GL2800 because of the great-sounding, very quiet mic preamps, simple mute groups and easy mixing of live performances. Most importantly, the mixer is user-friendly for church volunteers,” saus Eagle’s technical specialist, Rob Wisnieski. “It is a big improvement over the previous mixer’s performance and reliability.”

A 56-channel GL2800 is used for the main sound and a 40-channel GL2800 is used for monitor mixing. Input sources include a live band with keyboards, drums, bass, 10 vocal soloists, eight choir mics, a lapel mic, podium mic and roaming mics.

Left, center, right and balcony speakers are fed from the console’s main inputs. The 12×4 matrix is used for front- and side-fills, and auxes are configured for channel fill, overflow, and DVD and CD recording. Soloists, instruments and choir mics are assigned to separate audio groups for simplified control.

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