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Allen & Heath ZED-14

Allen & Heath has launched a new range of small-format, USB-equipped mixers for live performance, recording and production.

The ZED-14 stereo mixer—which provides 13 independent sources to the mix; 10 independent outputs; two pre-fade and two post-fade aux sends; a USB send and return for PC or Mac recording, playback and effects; a unique dual-stereo input capability; and advanced monitoring facilities—has six mono channels with a 3-band, swept mid-channel EQ, and four stereo channels with a 2-band EQ in 100mm faders. Other options include stereo RTN on RCA, 2TRK on RCA and USB interface.

The ZED-14 also hosts the Duo Pre padless preamp, which uses a two-stage design with carefully controlled amounts of gain in each stage.

Foldback mixes can be checked in the headphones and local monitors by using the monitor section controls, which include as its sources the channel PFLs, the 2TRK and USB returns, plus the main L/R mix.

Cakewalk’s SONAR LE music production software is bundled with ZED-Mixers.

The ZED-14 is now available; a series of 4-bus ZED mixers will be unveiled shortly.

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