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Allstars Return to Upgraded Ardent

Pictured around the Pro Tools|HD in Studio B, from left: North Mississippi Allstars members Chris Chewand and Luther Dickinson, producer Jim Dickinson and engineer Pete Matthews

Photo: Mr. Bonzai

Just in time for a return visit from North Mississippi Allstars, who were tracking material for their next ATO Records release, Ardent Studios (Memphis) added three Digidesign Pro Tools|HD3 Accel systems, one for each main studio. The HD3 systems run on Apple G5 computers with dual 2.0GHz processors, 1.5 GB of RAM and Apple 23-inch Cinema HD displays.

Studio A’s system I/O configuration is one Sync I/O, three 192 I/O with one D/A expansion card, and a total of 24 analog inputs and 32 analog outputs available. Studio B is equipped with one Sync I/O, three 192 I/O with two D/A expansion cards, for a total of 24 available analog inputs and 40 analog outputs. Studio C’s system includes two 192 I/O with one D/A and one A/D expansion card. A total of 24 analog inputs and 24 analog outputs are available. The systems may be moved among studios or reconfigured upon special request.

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