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Antelope Audio Introduces AuraVerb Reverb Software

Antelope Audio’s AuraVerb software-based reverb leverages Zen Studio’s 64-bit DSP chip and features an algorithm designed by Antelope Audio’s team of mathematicians, including company founder Igor Levin. AuraVerb is free for all current and future Zen Studio owners with a firmware update and is said to be fully compatible with other upcoming Antelope Audio products.

The AuraVerb reverb features eight controls including a “color” parameter and a “Richness” parameter that controls the reverb’s density compared with the source audio.

Five-time Grammy Award–winning recording/mixing engineer Brian Vibberts worked closely with Antelope’s development team on AuraVerb. He created 24 custom presets that are available at the touch of a button.

Controls present on AuraVerb include Pre-Delay, Early Reflection and Late Delay, which establish the desired amount of ambience for each sound in the mix.

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