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APB ProDesk-4 Console Debuts at InfoComm

Available with 16, 24, 32, 40 or 48 mono mic/line input channels, the new APB DynaSonics ProDesk-4 includes four stereo line-only input channels, each selectable from two different input sources and controlled from 100mm faders with stereo EQ and access to all aux buses. All mono input channels also include internally illuminated Mute and PFL switches, 6-segment channel metering, 48-volt phantom power switch with LED, mic/line, pad and polarity reverse switches.

Input channels are similar to those used on APB’s ProRack mixers, while the cosmetics are identical to Spectra consoles. At the heart of ProDesk-4 is APB’s wide-bandwidth circuitry, most noticeable in the mic pre’s, EQ and summing amps. Six aux sends are switchable pre/post-fader in pairs and pre/post-EQ as a group; two of the auxes are switchable between mono and stereo operation. The 4-band EQ has sweepable mid-frequencies and an illuminated EQ “on” switch, as well as variable (20 Hz to 400 Hz) highpass filters. Outputs include four analog subgroups, four matrix outputs, and left/right, center and mono (subwoofer) outs. All include XLR balanced output connectors, TRS pre-fader inserts and TRS-balanced bus inputs.

Other ProDesk features include a digital USB stereo input and record output, remote muting of all primary outputs using a single Euro connector, and the use of mother/daughterboard construction for easy servicing. A plug-in power supply ensures reliability; an optional redundant power supply can be added to all but the 16 mono input chassis systems.

For more information, visit APB at InfoComm Booth #C4769 or on the Web at For additional new SR product news, visit the Briefing Room.