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Aphex Focuses on New DSP Offerings, Tech Licensing

DWV Entertainment and Aphex Chairman David Wiener

Pro audio brand Aphex, based in Burbank, Calif., is currently in its 40th year of business and plans to celebrate its 40th anniversary next year. On the way to this milestone, Aphex continues to grow and expand its focus on developing new DSP technologies with the goal of putting these into Aphex Pro and Prosumer products, as well as into a variety of products made by OEM licensees.

Aphex says that it is in the midst of expanding into critical markets beyond Pro Audio to augment its business and offerings, with technology geared to Assistive Listening; Speech Recognition; and Prosumer Recording, Podcasting, Telecommunication and Automotive Infotainment.

Since purchasing Aphex in 2010, parent company DWV Entertainment has made dramatic changes to expand the Aphex brand and its pro products, starting with a major facility change (moving into a stand-alone building in Burbank) and revising its entire manufacturing and production process, as well as creating digital code of the company’s Aural Exciter. Aphex is developing additional audio enhancement products and DSP code that can impact products in a broader range of key applications. Aphex is also adding talent to its DSP and USB engineering team.

Aphex recently named Rob Barrett as Director of Digital Business Development. Barrett previously used his software and development skills working with Apple, Ford, Motorola and Google.

DWV Entertainment and Aphex Chairman David Wiener says, “Aphex has a legendary presence in the pro audio and music world. Now it’s time to share our ability to improve sound with more people who can benefit from improved listening experiences. It’s very exciting to see the evolution and expansion of Aphex into the markets we all live our daily lives in. Everyone needs better sound, and not just in the studio and onstage. We truly want to make your world sound better! With Rob leading our expansion into licensing, and our new DSP and USB engineering team, our future is grounded in producing timely technologies for pros, consumers, and commercial and military applications.

“We continue to look for exceptional talent for arenas we are moving into, including the large market expansion with automotive infotainment systems,” Wiener continues. “Our business association with Ferrari and preliminary meetings confirm Aphex tech has wide ranging applications for this important segment of the audio and communications market,” referencing questions about the connections DWV Entertainment has with the automotive industry.

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