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Aphex Now Shipping Products In U.S., Australia

Pro audio technology manufacturer Aphex is now shipping across the U.S. and Australia. Acquired by Freedman Electronics (RØDE Microphones, Event Monitors) in 2015, Aphex specializes in high-quality pro audio equipment.

Aphex’s current range comprises eight products, including the Aphex Exciter, which the company says has sold close to 1 million units since it was first introduced more than 40 years ago.

Apex Exciter

Aphex’s flagship Exciter is a 2-channel signal enhancement unit that allows for shaping and improvement of audio signals, including high end detail and polish, and low end punch and depth. A staple in the recording studio for its broad stroke frequency shaping on individual sources or during mixing and mastering, this unit also excels in a DJ’s live rig or for adding presence and clarity to a P.A. system.

Aphex Channel

The Aphex Channel is a single-backspace microphone preamp and channel strip featuring 7 analog controls including a VCA compressor, de-esser, logic assisted gate, fully parametric EQ and the Aphex Exciter circuit. The Aphex Channel contains a low noise, patented hybrid tube mic preamp that the company says is clean and transparent with subtle analog color for capturing signals from a variety of sources.

Apex 320D Compellor

The 320D Compellor is a single-rackspace broadcast audio level controller designed to deliver intelligent compressor action, leveling, and peak limiting at once to provide a consistent and controlled audio experience. Apex states that some Compellors have been in 24-hour use for a decade or longer. 

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