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API DSM Monitor Rack

Essentially a mini API console in a 19-inch studio rack with roll-around casters, the new DSM (Discrete Summing Mixer) workstation monitor rack is specifically designed to compliment digital audio workstations by providing professional analog summing, mixing, control room switching/monitoring, patchbay facilities and studio I/O connections.

The three new API DSM products are the DSM 24, DSM 48 and DSM 72. Each is compatible with DAWs that have 24, 48 and 72 output channels, respectively.

At the top of the DSM rack is a 2-rackspace meter bridge panel for monitoring the stereo buss level and individual LED trees for the four recording busses and four auxiliary sends. Complete with a built-in talkback mic, it uses the same meters as the API Legacy and Vision consoles.

Below the meter is the API 2500 discrete 2-channel stereo bus compressor with ATI’s patented Thrust circuitry. Notable features include selectable compression ratio; variable attack and release times; variable link between left and right channels; choice of either old “feed back” or new “feed forward” compression; soft, medium or hard knee compression; and auto or manual gain make up.

Below the 2500 is the API 7800 discrete four-bus console master with stereo control room/studio speakers switching and volume controls, stereo master fader, talkback/slate facilities, buss sub-masters, aux send masters and solo controls.

Depending on the number of DAW output channels required for monitoring, next comes any number of 8200 modules, each with eight inputs, level and pan controls, mute, AFL solo, aux send 1 and 2 level controls and an insert in/out button. A DSM 72 would have nine 8200 modules. The outputs of all 8200s are routed and summed within the 7800.

The bottom of the DSM rack has a full TT patchbay for full access to all DAW outputs and every insert point of each channel of each 8200. Below the patchbay is the 8000-BIB buss interface panel for accessing any of the four busses and four aux send busses in the 7800.

The DSM rack finishes with a complete set of I/O connections on the rear. There are D-connectors (Tascam D88 standard) for DAW outputs and for the aux sends and busses 1-4. There are also XLR connectors for three two-track tape machines and large/small monitor speaker amps.

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