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Apogee Converters Used for ADR Mixing in ABC’s ‘Lost’

Tony Hugar, the ADR mixer for ABC series Lost, re-creates the dialog for the show at the Audio Resource Honolulu studios using Apogee DA-16X and AD-16X converters with X-HD cards that are connected to his Pro Tools rig.

“Nothing is more recognizable to our ear than the human voice,” Hugar says. “It is said that infants recognize their parents from the womb. We recognize friends or family on the telephone immediately even if we haven’t talked for months. If something is off with a voice, we hear it. In ADR/looping for film and TV, hearing a line stand out is bad. The transparency and the clarity of my Apogee converters allow the lines I record for Lost to blend right into the production lines. And the open quality captures all the emotion of the original performance.”

Despite the show’s demanding schedule, Hugar is constantly expanding his list of credits with a variety of other projects. His recent work includes ADR mixing for the film Santa Clause 3 and Sony Animated Picture’s upcoming feature Surf’s Up, a DVD commentary track recording for Desperate Housewives, character recording for the video game Scarface and the live recording for AOL of Jack Johnson’s Kokua Festival.

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