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Architectural Acoustics Sanctuary Series S-14, S-24 Mixers

Architectural Acoustics, a division of Peavey, announced that it will carry the new S-14 and S-24 (pictured) mixers.

Architectural Acoustics, a division of Peavey, announced that it will carry the new S-14 and S-24 (pictured) mixers. As part of the Peavey Sanctuary Series, the mixers have been designed specifically for houses of worship. The Sanctuary Series S-14 mixer is a 14-channel, rackmountable mixing console, while the S-24 is a 24-channel desktop console.

The S-14P, a 1,000-watt powered version of the S-14 mixer, will also be available. The Sanctuary Series S-14, S-14P and S-24 will be available in Q2 2005 from authorized Architectural Acoustics contractors.

The mixers feature Automix™ technology, an automatic mixing function provided on the first four channels. Once engaged, Automix monitors the levels on these channels and automatically turns down unused or low-priority inputs to give dominance to the main microphone, minimizing ambient noise and feedback. The S-14 and S-24 also include a built-in Feedback Ferret® automatic digital feedback elimination system on the main and monitor 1 outputs. The Feedback Ferret applies a narrow notch filter on specific problem frequencies to eliminate feedback without sacrificing tonal quality. The device continuously checks and rechecks the designated problem frequencies and then releases the filter(s) when it no longer detects feedback.

Another feature is Mid-Morph equalization, which acts as two EQ controls in one. When the knob is cut, it pulls out low-mid frequencies; when boosted, it shifts to an upper-mid frequency that brightens the vocal range. Every channel includes Mid-Morph EQ, as well as normal low and high EQ.

The stereo line channels also accommodate split-accompaniment audio tracks. The accompaniment can be played to the main system in stereo or from the left or right inputs, while the monitor blend control allows any mix of vocals and accompaniment to be sent to the monitors. In addition, these mixers feature digital reverb with four presets and a mute, vocal enhancer, compression, phantom power and more.

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