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Ardent Gets “Cash” for Christmas

From L to R: producer Robert. A. Johnson, WS “Fluke” Holland, Doc Wooten, Bob Wootten, Tommy Cash and Lisa Horngren

Photo: David Goggin

Producer Robert A. Johnson chose Memphis’ Ardent Studios to record a special Christmas EP entitled Christmas Bells and Kitchen Smells, featuring Johnny Cash’s original drummer, Fluke Holland, as well as Doc Wooten, guitarist Bob Wootten, bassist Lisa Horngren, and Cash’s brother Tommy Cash.

The EP features “That Christmas Feeling” (written by Johnny and Tommy Cash, from the 1979 album A Cash Family Christmas), “Christmas Train” (written by producer Robert A. Johnson and Jimmy Davis, in honor of Johnny Cash), and “Christmas Eve in Tennessee,” (written by Larry Holden, editor-in-chief of Country Weekly Magazine).

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