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Argosy AURA260 Personal Workstation

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Argosy recently unveiled the AURA.260 Personal Workstation. With room for multiple flat-panel monitors, a computer keyboard and mouse, the new workstation aims to transform Pro Tools–based operations into a more creative environment.

The desk features a powder-coated finish, 260-degree “halo” design, high-pressure laminated desk insert, a set of casters and floor levelers, powder-coated steel leg support, optional top rack module, two lower rack modules with optional shelf inserts and pull-out accessory drawer.

The Aura.260 comes in four different model configurations: Aura.260-LR: both left and right top rack modules; Aura.260-L: single top rack module positioned on the left; Aura.260-R: single top rack module positioned on the right; Aura.260-N: completely flat top desk halo.

Every model features two lower rack modules, left and right.

Visit www.argosyconsole.com for more features, specs and additional information.

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