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Arturo Sandoval Visits Sweetwater

Arturo Sandoval (left) with Chuck Surack, president and founder of Sweetwater Sound, in Sweetwater’s Studio A. 

Recently, the legendary artist, composer, and trumpeter Arturo Sandoval visited Sweetwater for two great events. Sandoval performed at a morning sales meeting for more than 200 Sweetwater employees to demonstrate his use of Royer Microphones, as well as his trumpeting prowess.

That evening, Sandoval held a free master class for high school trumpet players and other band musicians in the area of Fort Wayne, Ind. More than 300 local students and teachers filled Sweetwater’s Performance Theatre to listen to and learn from Sandoval personally. Sandoval spoke and played for almost three hours, focusing on his knowledge of and experience with the trumpet and piano, and shared some lessons he’s learned as a world-famous musician.

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