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ARX MaxxiMix 4 Into 2 Line Mixer

ARX in Australia announces the MaxxiMix 4 Into 2 Line Mixer ($TBA) for installation, broadcast and audio production applications. The MaxxiMIX combines ultra low distortion, low noise and high headroom to serve as an all-purpose line mixer.

The 1RU unit features four stereo line channels (eight inputs) with individual level controls and RF filters. Each input has infinity to +6 dB of level available on the front panel, as well as a -10 to +10 dB input gain trim control on the rear panel to allow accurate matching of any line-level signals.

Each of the eight electronically balanced inputs combine into fully balanced left and right master outputs on male XLR connectors. Each channel has input muting via its front panel Channel On/Off switch, as well as signal monitoring via its PFL (PreFade Listening) switch, which is routed to a front panel headphone jack and associated level control.

The rear panel also has eight female XLR balanced inputs (two per channel), a switch for summing the XLR outputs to mono (for applications in which stereo output isn’t required) and a removable IEC type AC input connector with in-built fuse.

Typical MaxxiMIX applications include broadcast mixing and outside broadcast (OB) vans, as an analog summing mixer, or as a line submixer for external effects units or desktop mixing. It can also be used as a submixer or stage mixer for keyboards, drum machines or other electronic instruments.

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