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ATC (Acoustic Transducer Company) Loudspeakers (booth #861, demo room #3D01) is introducing the low-profile ATC SMC 110A professional monitor, a new compact, active three-way reference monitor, which comprises twin 9-inch ATC SL bass drivers, an ATC 3-inch soft-dome mid and a soft-dome 1-inch tweeter.


Unparalleled functionality, dynamic range and a +/-80×10-degree dispersion are combined in a monitor system that offers an amplitude linearity of 50 to 20k Hz (+/-2 dB).

The active design matches six MOSFET amplifier blocks with the drivers to deliver an excellent transient response and a maximum SPL of 115 dB. Amplifier output is 50 watts for HF, 100W for MF and 200W for LF. An LF contour control provides 6 dB of bass boost.

Units are priced at $30,000 a pair.

ATC is distributed in the U.S. by LasVegasProAudio, For more new product announcements, visit