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Las Vegas Pro Audio, the U.S. distributor of ATC (Acoustic Transducer Company) products, will introduce the SCM16A loudspeaker ($3,995/pair powered) at the 123rd AES Convention in New York City’s Javits Center (Demo Room #3D01). The 17.6×10.6×12.2-inch (HxWxD) SCM16A active loudspeaker, weighing 38.5 pounds, is designed for reproducing stereo and multichannel audio in small to medium-sized studios or in remote locations.

ATC’s Constrained Layer Damping (CLD)—comprising two lightweight driver cones that sandwich a constrained damping layer—promise more efficient damping because of the way it shears adjacent cone sections when the cone flexes. The shearing causes unwanted vibration energy to dissipate as frictional heat, instead of as acoustic distortion. Thus, ATC’s CLD design is said to reduce harmonic distortion between 300 Hz and 3 kHz, creating an extended resonance-free axial frequency response and improving the off-axis frequency response.

In addition to the 150mm CLD mid/bass driver, the SCM16A features a neodymium 25mm soft dome tweeter. The SCM16A’s upgraded onboard amplifier pack provides 200 watts to the mid/bass driver and 50 W to the HF driver. Operating in Class-A up to two-thirds of output, this ultra-low distortion design is capable of continuous sound pressure levels up to 108 dB. The electronic crossover promises an exceptionally smooth and even frequency response. User controls include input sensitivity and bass boost.

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