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Audio-Technica AT2010

Audio-Technica has introduced the AT2010 cardioid condenser vocal mic, featuring the same 16mm low-mass diaphragm found in the AT2020 side-address studio condenser. Designed for use in live performance where phantom power is available, the AT2010 is suitable for solo performances, jazz vocalists, singer/songwriters and house-of-worship applications.

The AT2010 provides an extended flat frequency response (40 Hz-20 kHz), and its fixed cardioid polar pattern allows isolation of the desired sound source thereby reducing pickup of unwanted sounds from the sides and rear. The mic is able to handle extremely high SPLs (136 dB) and has a 113 dB dynamic rang; its multistage grille offers protection against plosives and sibilance.

The AT2010 requires 48V phantom power that may be provided by a mixer or console or by an in-line source such as the Audio-Technica AT8801 single-channel and CP8506 four-channel phantom-power supplies. Output from the AT2010 is via a low-impedance, 3-pin XLRM-type connector. In addition, the AT2010 measures 7.05 inches long, has a maximum body diameter of 2 inches, weighs 8.2 ounces and comes with the AT8470 Quiet-Flex microphone stand clamp and a soft protective carrying pouch.

The AT2010 will be available February 2007 with a U.S. MSRP of $169.

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