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Audio-Technica Expands Online Video Series

Exploring Mic Techniques in Real-World Applications, Including Banjo, Brass Instruments, Dobro, Mandolin, Organ, Piano, Saxophone, Small Ensembles, Stereo Techniques, Strings, Woodwinds

Audio-Technica in Stow, Ohio, has posted the latest videos in its series that explores different aspects of mic technique, mic placement and more. Using Audio-Technica’s products—including 40 Series, Artist Elite, 20 Series and others—these videos illustrate various tips and tricks for capturing audio in real-world applications.

The new installment of 10 videos focuses on microphone recording basics for various instruments including banjo, brass instruments, dobro, mandolin, organ, piano, saxophone, small ensembles, stereo techniques, strings and woodwinds. Earlier videos have focused on recording basics (10 videos, including vocals, guitar and percussion) and drum miking techniques (10 videos).

The videos can be viewed separately or as part of playlists on Audio-Technica’s YouTube channel.

Watch Audio-Technica’s ‘Basic Recording Techniques: Electric Guitar’ on YouTube.

Watch Audio-Technica’s ‘Basic Drum Miking: The Kick Drum’ on YouTube.

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